Mix Parlay Betting Calculation Guide

Mix Parlay Betting Calculation Guide – For members of the mix parlay soccer betting game, they must be proficient at calculating in this gambling game.

We will explain everything in detail on how to play soccer gambling and how to calculate Mix Parlay at SBOBET so that players can easily understand how to place bets and estimate wins and how to calculate mix parlays. how to place a gamble for Mix Parlay on SBOBET, that is, you have to choose a minimum of 3 bets in sbobet88. You can choose the ball market bet in the form of Handicap or HDP, O / U or Over Under, Correct score guess (score) 1X2 (Home, DRAW, Away), Odd / Even or even odd.

Mix Parlay Betting Calculation Guide

Pair bets must be placed before the match starts because there is no road ball for the Mix Parlay. You can choose between 1 round (Half Time) or 2 round (Full Time) matches. for this game guess the count is only 2X45 minutes. Playing online soccer gambling is an activity that is very influential the financial side of every online soccer betting player.

Even more so for the Mix Parlay game which does offer big wins with only a small capital. Most of them are still unfamiliar with the rules of the game and how to calculate them. It is a pity if you don’t understand this game because this type of game is very profitable.

With an explanation of the guide on how to play the Mix Parlay ball bet and an understanding of this soccer bet, you will be able to feel how profitable it is and can reap millions of rupiah in glory in 1 match package.

Regarding game procedures, game rules, and how to calculate the mix parlay, it will be explained in full, clear and easy to understand way to make it a useful reference for these soccer betting players.

How to Calculate Mix Parlay Wins

For an explanation of the SBOBET Mix Parlay calculation, you can see the image below.

1. How to calculate the ODDS result package all Win Full (WON)

2.How to calculate the package for the ODDS results: There is a Full Win (WON), and a draw (DRAW)

3.How to calculate the package for the ODDS results There is a Full Win (WON), Half Win (WON 1/2)

4. How to calculate the package for the ODDS results There is a Full Win (WON), lose half (LOSE 1/2)

5. How to count packages whose ODDS results There are those who Win Full (WON), Win half (WON 1/2), lose half (LOSE 1/2), and DRAW

For how to count packages that have Teams that Draw, Void, Postponed, Rejected or canceled / crossed out, the Odds are considered to be 1.
for how to calculate the package for the Team that wins half, then first calculate each Odds for the Team that wins half, how the Odds for the Team winning half is reduced by 1 then divided by 2 and added back by 1 (Odds – 1: 2 + 1) Calculated per Team. For how to calculate the Team package that loses half, it means that the Team value is not there and the total bet value must be divided by 2 as many as the number of the Team that loses half in 1 package.
how to calculate the mix parlay, the final result of your Odds must be multiplied according to the conditions of win / win half / draw / lose half / lose. if there is only 1 loser, then it is certain that you have all lost.…