Rare Semiaquatic Reptile Species Facts

Rare Semiaquatic Reptile Species Facts

Rare Semiaquatic Reptile Species Facts – Semi Aquatic Reptile Species may still be unknown to ordinary people who do not like reptiles, Semiaquatic reptile species are crocodile lizards.

Crocodile lizard is a species of reptile that has a body shape and scales similar to a crocodile. Animals that are included in the semiaquatic reptile category are well known for their unique ways of surviving in the face of changing seasons. Crocodile lizard has a body size that is not too large which makes it very difficult to detect its existence.

1. Population of crocodile lizards

The crocodile lizard native to southern China and Vietnam, which inhabits many subtropical forests that have rivers with slow water currents. China usually lives in areas with an altitude of 200 – 1500 meters above sea level. Meanwhile, in Vietnam, the crocodile lizard can be found in areas with an altitude of 400 – 800 meters.

When the temperature in the water begins to drop below 15 degrees, the crocodile lizard usually prefers to nest in rock crevices and holes in trees.

2. Living habits of crocodile lizards

Crocodile lizards are diurnal animals that are active and hunt for food during the day. These animals have a behavior like most types of lizards in general, namely they can not move for a very long time which is useful for saving energy or better known as brumation. Usually, crocodile lizards do brumation to withstand the extreme weather that often occurs in November and March.

If they feel they are being threatened, usually crocodile lizards will escape from predators by jumping into the water.

3. Has scales similar to crocodile scales

In terms of appearance, the crocodile lizard has a brownish gray body. Whereas at the bottom it has a brownish yellow color and the throat is reddish orange. This animal has body scales similar to a crocodile which makes it nicknamed the crocodile lizard. For body size, male crocodile lizards have a larger body than females with a maximum length of 45 centimeters.

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4. The reproductive system of the crocodile lizard

The crocodile lizard will reach sexual maturity at the age of three. During the breeding season in July and August, the intensity of the body color of the male crocodile lizard will be lighter. Meanwhile, female crocodile lizards have a gestation period of nine months. For one delivery period, female crocodile lizards can give birth to as many as 2 to 12 babies.

The interesting thing is, after giving birth to the female crocodile lizard does not care about their baby and immediately leaves him.

5. Have a long life

On average, in the wild the crocodile lizard can survive for 10 years. Crocodile lizards eat a variety of small animals such as worms, snails, tadpoles, crickets and larvae. This animal is one of the rarest species of lizard with a small population. This is due to the hunting of local people who believe that eating crocodile lizards can cure insomnia.…