Most Beautiful Reptile Species

Most Beautiful Reptile Species

Most Beautiful Reptile Species – Reptile animals are one of the most creepy animal species, these animals have their own enthusiasts, different from other animals.

When it comes to animals that look beautiful, reptiles probably don’t immediately cross your mind. Generally, a pretty label will be given to colorful birds or fish. As for mammals, usually the title beautiful is attached to animals such as tigers, leopards, wolves, or horses and deer.

1. The jewel lizard

Just the name jewel lizard, then surely this one lizard appearance is quite special. With the Latin name Liolaemus tenuis, this Chilean endemic lizard does look beautiful with bright green on the front and sky blue on the back of its body.

Male lizards have a more striking blue green color than females. The color of this lizard helps it camouflage in shrubs and trees. Plus the black spots all over his body also made him hidden when he was on the rocks.

2. The flat head stone religious lizard mwanza

The name of this lizard is quite long, but the most striking of them is of course its appearance. The mwanza (Religion of mwanzae) flat-headed rock lizard is also called the Spider-Man lizard, and you will know why. Yes, the blue and red body color makes this lizard look like Spider-Man, the superhero created by Marvel, huh!

This lizard lives in Africa, to be precise in the savanna areas of Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. The red and blue colors are only owned by the dominant males in this group of lizards. While the common male and female are grayish brown.

3. The rainbow boa

If you look closely, the skins of rainbow boa (Epicrates cenchria) appear to have a rainbow color when exposed to light, and that is why they got their name. So this snake is also considered as one of the most beautiful snakes in the world.

That is why this snake is often kept by reptile lovers. As adults, the rainbow boa measures an average of 1.5 meters. In captivity, this snake can live up to more than 20 years.

4. The geometry tortoise

Not only lizards and snakes, turtles can also look beautiful, you know. For example, the geometric tortoise (Psammobates geometricus) that lives in South Africa. These turtles look beautiful because of their jagged shells and unique patterns. Their size is quite small, only about 10 cm and 200 grams for males, and 12 cm and 430 grams for females.

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5. Leopard tortoises

This turtle is no less unique, both in name and appearance. The name leopard tortoise (Stigmochelys pardalis) itself was given because of the pattern on their shell which is said to look like the pattern of a leopard.

Like the geometric tortoise, the leopard tortoise has a habitat in Africa. They consist of several subspecies, the largest being the subspecies Stigmochelys pardalis babcocki in Ethiopia, reaching 75 cm in length. That makes them the second largest endemic turtle in Africa.

6. Green python tree

The vivid green color makes the green tree python (Morelia viridis) look so charming. When young, these pythons are yellow, red, or dark brown. But as you grow older, the color will turn green.

This snake is one of the favorites for reptile lovers to keep. It is especially interesting to see their color change as they get older, because each individual usually experiences his own unique changes.…