Unique and Interesting Facts About Eagles You Must Read

Unique and Interesting Facts About Eagles You Must Read – The eagle is often used as a symbol of strength, speed, and protection. This is quite reasonable, because the eagle’s posture is dashing and strong and its speed is flying in the air.

The eagle is also a fearsome predator, because every prey never escapes the grip of its sharp claws. Since 1992, the eagle has been designated as one of the rare animals in Indonesia. The eagle is often used as a mascot and even in some countries, this bird is used as a symbol of the state.When viewed from its posture, the eagle has a medium to large shape, with a length of between 60 to 70 cm. In general, the beak of the eagle is brown or black, with the entire wing and body covered by midrib feathers. Here are 10 unique and interesting facts about eagles that you must read, summarized from various sources.

1. Eagles are categorized as warm-blooded animals
Eagles are a group of warm-blooded animals. Warm-blooded animals are animals that can regulate their own body temperature, so that they remain stable over a certain period of time. The eagle will maintain its body temperature within a temperature range of 40 degrees Celsius. When the ambient temperature is too cold, the eagle will store its body heat. When the weather is too hot, the eagle reduces its body temperature by sweating

2. The eagle has sharp eyesight and flying speed
Eagles have very sharp eyesight. Eagles are able to see prey from a distance, while flying 100 feet from the air. Eagle eyesight is 8 times sharper than normal human vision. Eagles are able to fly at speeds of up to 300 km/hour, especially when hunting their prey. Eagles can also move to other parts of the continent when the migration period arrives.

4. Eagles reproduce by laying eggs
The way eagles reproduce is by laying eggs. After laying eggs, the female eagle will make a nest and store these eggs in a high place to keep her young until they are able to fly on their own.

Eagle eggs have contours that are hard enough to protect their young from predators.

5. The eagle is a monogamous animal
Eagles are loyal animals, because in general they will only have one partner or are monogamous. However, when their partner dies, the eagle will look for another partner to mate again.

6. Eagles are animals that are difficult to breed
Eagles are classified as animals that are difficult to breed, because they only lay eggs once a year. To be able to incubate their children, eagles need a long time to incubate, which is about 40 to 50 days. Incubated eggs are also not much, only 2 to 3 eggs per year.

7. The eagle transforms to avoid death
Eagles can transform to avoid death, namely by trying to fly to the top of the mountain and make a nest.

At the top of the mountain, the eagle will begin to transform for 150 days, in a painful way, starting from snapping its beak until it breaks, then growing again, pulling out its claws and feathers. About five months later the eagle can fly as before.

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8. Eagles always eat fresh meat
Predatory animals generally like to eat carrion meat, such as crows, lions, snakes, and dragons.

Carrion predators not only hunt carrion, but also store their prey in a decaying condition for later consumption. However, eagles never consume carrion. Eagles always hunt animals to be consumed in fresh condition.

9. Eagles love to make friends with storms
Eagles have unique habits that are different from other animals. When other animals avoid the brunt of the storm, the eagle will look for the storm.

Storms certainly have stronger wind gusts, so they are very much in line with the eagle’s preference, which is to fly high with strong winds. Utilizing the gust of wind to fly higher, it can also rest its flapping wings.

10. The mother eagle trains her chicks to fly to the extreme
The mother eagle trains her young in quite extreme ways. Mother eagles train their young to fly even from the age of two or three months.

The mother eagle will gradually remove the components of the nest where the chicks are sheltering so that the chicks do not feel comfortable in the nest and immediately leave the nest to learn to fly. The mother eagle also deliberately feeds her young with a little provocation method.

The mother eagle will bite the food in its beak while flying around around the nest to encourage the chicks to move slightly out of the nest.

Thus a review of 10 unique and interesting facts about eagles. Thank you for visiting and hopefully useful.…


Rare Reptile Animals In Indonesia

Rare Reptile Animals In Indonesia – Although many are feared by the public, it turns out that several types of reptiles are reportedly included in the list of endangered animals in the world. So that the preservation of these reptile species can be enjoyed by future generations, then you need to know the types of rare reptiles that are protected by law.

The existence of environmental damage and hunting of reptiles is the cause of the reduced population of reptiles in their habitat. So that the population does not become extinct, it is necessary to conserve reptiles to maintain its sustainability. Some reptile species have even reached critical status which is the highest threat status before being declared extinct.

1.Rote Tortoise

The rote tortoise (chelodina mccordi) is an endemic species of tortoise from Rote Island, East Nusa Tenggara. Some people also call this type of turtle the snake neck turtle, because it has a long neck like a snake’s body.

The habitat of the rote tortoise itself is in Lake Peto. It’s just that in Lake Peto itself until now this type of turtle has not been found anymore. From data in 2018, the rote tortoise is one of the 25 species of turtles in the world that are threatened with extinction.

The existence of this rote tortoise is becoming less and less due to overexploitation in its natural habitat and illegal catching to trade abroad. Unfortunately, although this animal is declared an endangered species, this type of turtle is not protected by law.

2.Siamese Crocodile

The Siamese crocodile, which has the scientific name Crocodylus siamensis, is a type of crocodile that is spread across mainland Southeast Asia. Named the Siamese crocodile because it is suspected that the origin of this crocodile is from the country of Siam (Thailand). Although the distribution is quite wide, it turns out that this type of crocodile is categorized as a rare type of reptile animal and is protected by the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.

The Siamese crocodile is a freshwater crocodile with a habitat in slow-flowing waters, such as swamps, lakes, and rivers. This crocodile is included in the type of small crocodile, because the maximum length is only 4 meters. One of its physical characteristics can be seen from the color of the crocodile’s back which is dominated by dark brownish green with an incomplete striped tail.

The Siamese crocodile population continues to decline every year. This is due to rampant poaching and environmental damage. To preserve the population of Siamese crocodiles, several countries in Southeast Asia carry out conservation efforts to save the population of Siamese crocodiles in the wild.

3.Leatherback Turtle

The leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) is a type of giant turtle which is the fourth largest reptile in the world after three types of crocodiles. In addition, leatherback turtles are also known as the fastest turtles in the world, which can swim up to a speed of 35 km/hour.

The characteristic of this turtle is seen from its carapace which is not made of bone, but only covered by oily skin and flesh. The color of the carapace can also be recognized because it has stripes like star fruit. The length of the leatherback turtle itself can reach up to 3 meters with a weight of more than 700 kg. It’s just that now the leatherback turtle population is shrinking due to illegal hunting, either by hunting turtles or their eggs. Leatherback turtles are rare animals in the world and their existence is protected by law.

4.Hawksbill Turtle

Hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) is a rare type of turtle and can be found all over the world. This type of turtle has two species that can be found in the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. In the Atlantic Ocean it is E. imbricata imbricata and in the Pacific it is E. imbricata bissa.

Hawksbill turtles have a characteristic that can be seen from the curved beak shape, slightly protruding upper lip and saw-like edges of the shell. Another characteristic can be seen from the change in the color of the shell depending on the water temperature. It’s just that because of illegal hunting, the population of the hawksbill turtle in the world is decreasing. Even the IUCN includes the hawksbill turtle as an endangered species and this rare reptile species is also a protected animal in Indonesia.

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Tuntong (Batagur baska) is a type of freshwater turtle that can be found in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, to Bangladesh. Tuntong is the largest freshwater turtle species in Southeast Asia with a weight of up to 18 kg and a length of up to 60 cm.

It’s just that because of the rampant trade in tuntong meat and hunting for tuntong eggs, this animal is included in an endangered species. Indonesia itself has set regulations to protect the tuntong as an animal protected by law.

6.Tuntong Laut

Tuntong Laut (Batagur borneoensis) is a type of brackish water turtle which has a length of about 60 cm. Sea tuntong is a type of omnivorous animal that eats shells, leaves, and mangrove fruit around mangrove forests and in river mouths.

The male sea tuntong has three black stripes along its carapace, while the female sea tuntong has a grayish brown carapace color. In addition, other characteristics can be seen from the head of the sea tuntong, where the male has a gray or white head. While the female sea tuntong has a brown head.

The existence of the sea tuntong is now declared an endangered animal and is included in the 25 species of turtles and tortoises that are most endangered. Indonesia itself includes sea tuntong as a type of animal that is protected by law.

7.Tortoise Thorns

The tortoise (haesemys spinosa) is a type of turtle native to Indonesia whose distribution is to Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Thailand, and the Philippines. This type of turtle is also known as …

Mud Snake with Beautiful Scales

Mud Snake with Beautiful Scales

Mud Snake with Beautiful Scales – Next we will provide reliable articles that we have summarized and made as light as possible, so that they can be read by all people, along with mud snakes with beautiful scales.

Mud snake or better known by the scientific name Faracia abacura is known as a reptile animal that likes to live in water areas. In terms of appearance, the mud snake is not very long with brightly colored scales that can attract attention to anyone who sees it. In addition, these snakes are able to reproduce rapidly where they can produce hundreds of eggs in one breeding season.

1. The original habitat of the mud snake

The distribution of mud snakes is widespread in the southern states of Illinois, Alabama, Florida and Georgia. But most of their populations are also in the South Carolina, Oklahama, Texas to Virginia area. This species of snake is often found in riverbanks and swamps which often make nests in underground crevices.

They are types of snakes that are not poisonous and have a bright skin color. Mud snakes are semi-aquatic animals that can survive in water and on land.

2. Habit of living in the wild

Mud snakes spend more of their time in water than on land except during egg-laying and hibernation. Like most other snake species, mud snakes are nocturnal animals that are active at night. When hunting for food, this snake usually attracts its prey using its pointed tail. This is what causes the mud snake to be nicknamed the stinging snake.

They prey on various types of animals that live near water such as salamanders and other amphibians.

3. Physical characteristics of the mud snake

Mud snakes are known to have a very attractive appearance with a combination of orange and black. The length of the mud snake ranges from 91 to 141 centimeters. They have a small tongue and a flat head that is useful for digging holes. At the top of the head of the mud snake there are black scales and black spots around the mouth. To distinguish between males and females, female mud snakes have thicker skin than males.

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4. The reproductive system

The mating season for mud snakes takes place in April and May. They are polygynous animals where the male can mate with many females. In one delivery period, the female is able to issue 6 to 104 eggs and then incubated for 37 – 80 days until they hatch. When a baby mud snake is born, it weighs only 6.3 grams. The baby snake will experience a brighter color change when it is one week old.

5. The population is still awake

In their natural habitat, the mud snake can survive up to the age of 19 years. Their population numbers in the wild are still very stable and are not included in the list of endangered animals. This is because the mud snake is an animal that can reproduce well and quickly. One of the causes of the decline in the population of mud snakes is the displacement of their natural habitat which makes them have to travel on the highway and are often run over by passing vehicles.…

Characteristics of a Trusted Football Gambling Agent

Characteristics of a Trusted Football Gambling Agent – For members who want to select genuine and fake online soccer gambling game sites, they can match some of these features.

There are various characteristics of a trusted online soccer gambling agent that we can make a place for. To get the most out of making real money online soccer betting sbobet mobile. Therefore, there are a number of important things that players need to know if playing on an online soccer agent site, not all players can just trust them.

Characteristics of a Trusted Football Gambling Agent

The reason is that with modern times, everything can be accessed easily, so that not a few people have become victims of fraud from gambling to winning, but the winnings do not pay off.

Football gambling agents who are fake / con artists will generally offer potential players a variety of unreasonable big bonuses. The fake soccer gambling agent gave the lure of an event with fantastic prizes to attract the attention of potential players to join him.

For example, anyone who plays with them and loses in a week of at least 200 thousand and above will get a cashback bonus of 50% of the total loss.

Get to know a trusted football betting agent

Of course this is an absurd thing. Because in today’s world of online gambling, these bonuses are huge and don’t make sense. If you want to find a trusted online soccer gambling agent.

So the thing you need to pay attention to is to look for bonuses or promos at the agent, whether they give excessively or just like agents in general. You should know that in general, a trusted online soccer gambling agent site only provides a bonus with the highest value, which is 20%. And of course there are terms and conditions that need to be met by players.

Complete Communication Services Are Available

Next, from the characteristics of a trusted online soccer gambling agent, is to provide communication services for anyone, either non-member or loyal member. The communication service must also be complete, because trusted soccer gambling agents always provide complete services to make it easier for players to communicate. So that anyone can contact him through these services, for example, Whats App, Line, BBM, We Chat, Skype, and so on.

Have an Attractive Design Page

Then the characteristics of other trusted soccer gambling agents are related to the appearance of the web page. A trusted soccer gambling agent, they certainly have an attractive and elegant appearance. So that the players who join him have love at their first sight with a captivating display. And also always remember, that trusted agents will generally provide complete information regarding the presentation of the game as well as available transaction tools and other things.…

Mix Parlay Betting Calculation Guide

Mix Parlay Betting Calculation Guide – For members of the mix parlay soccer betting game, they must be proficient at calculating in this gambling game.

We will explain everything in detail on how to play soccer gambling and how to calculate Mix Parlay at SBOBET so that players can easily understand how to place bets and estimate wins and how to calculate mix parlays. how to place a gamble for Mix Parlay on SBOBET, that is, you have to choose a minimum of 3 bets in sbobet88. You can choose the ball market bet in the form of Handicap or HDP, O / U or Over Under, Correct score guess (score) 1X2 (Home, DRAW, Away), Odd / Even or even odd.

Mix Parlay Betting Calculation Guide

Pair bets must be placed before the match starts because there is no road ball for the Mix Parlay. You can choose between 1 round (Half Time) or 2 round (Full Time) matches. for this game guess the count is only 2X45 minutes. Playing online soccer gambling is an activity that is very influential the financial side of every online soccer betting player.

Even more so for the Mix Parlay game which does offer big wins with only a small capital. Most of them are still unfamiliar with the rules of the game and how to calculate them. It is a pity if you don’t understand this game because this type of game is very profitable.

With an explanation of the guide on how to play the Mix Parlay ball bet and an understanding of this soccer bet, you will be able to feel how profitable it is and can reap millions of rupiah in glory in 1 match package.

Regarding game procedures, game rules, and how to calculate the mix parlay, it will be explained in full, clear and easy to understand way to make it a useful reference for these soccer betting players.

How to Calculate Mix Parlay Wins

For an explanation of the SBOBET Mix Parlay calculation, you can see the image below.

1. How to calculate the ODDS result package all Win Full (WON)

2.How to calculate the package for the ODDS results: There is a Full Win (WON), and a draw (DRAW)

3.How to calculate the package for the ODDS results There is a Full Win (WON), Half Win (WON 1/2)

4. How to calculate the package for the ODDS results There is a Full Win (WON), lose half (LOSE 1/2)

5. How to count packages whose ODDS results There are those who Win Full (WON), Win half (WON 1/2), lose half (LOSE 1/2), and DRAW

For how to count packages that have Teams that Draw, Void, Postponed, Rejected or canceled / crossed out, the Odds are considered to be 1.
for how to calculate the package for the Team that wins half, then first calculate each Odds for the Team that wins half, how the Odds for the Team winning half is reduced by 1 then divided by 2 and added back by 1 (Odds – 1: 2 + 1) Calculated per Team. For how to calculate the Team package that loses half, it means that the Team value is not there and the total bet value must be divided by 2 as many as the number of the Team that loses half in 1 package.
how to calculate the mix parlay, the final result of your Odds must be multiplied according to the conditions of win / win half / draw / lose half / lose. if there is only 1 loser, then it is certain that you have all lost.…