African Dwarf Frogs, Their Care and Upkeep

A Beginners Guide To African Dwarf Frogs

The African Dwarf Frog – or Hymenochirus Curtipes – has become one of the most popular amphibians amongst frog owners. The popularity of the African dwarf frog is in part due to its fascinating appearance and the fact that very easy to care for. Here you can learn more about this delightful pet and how to properly care for them.

How To Look After Your Pet

It will probably not surprise you that this frog is very small. As a consequence this tiny frog can easily become prey to larger fish. They are also relatively slow moving and have a placid nature. This makes it easier for faster moving and more aggressive fish to eat food meant for your pet. It is best practice to keep your frog inside of its own aquarium.

Choosing The Right Aquarium

When selecting an aquarium you want to make sure that you have enough space. Generally you should not choose an aquarium which is smaller than 10 gallons. The size of the aquarium will also depend on the number of frogs that you keep. The higher the number of frogs the bigger the aquarium you should select. You also want to provide plenty of shelter and places for your frog to explore. This can include driftwood, plants and rocks which can be scattered around your aquarium. You also want to make sure that the aquarium will keep your frog secure. In order to do this you should have a tightly fitted lid over the aquarium. They also require a stable and warm temperature. The aquarium should be kept at around 70 to 70F. It can be a good idea to use mini water heaters but these need to be monitored carefully. Overheating water can cause damage to your frog. You may also want to include a filter in your aquarium. This will help to keep the water clean for your pet. However, the African dwarf frog does not require water to be aerated because they breathe through lungs and not gills. They will generally be active during the night and so it is best to select an aquarium with filtered light.

Keeping Them Happy

These frogs are social creatures especially when they are young. As a consequence you should ideally keep more than one. Having three African dwarf frogs will provide your pet with the company that they need. As an owner it can also be very amusing watching different frogs interact with one another. As they ges older they prefer to be alone except for during breeding season. Females can be particularly aggressive and hungry during breeding time. They also like to have variety in their diet. It is recommended that you feed them frozen or live food including brine shrimp and blood worms. Avoid giving them freeze-dried food as this can cause your pet to bloat.

Long more about keeping a happy and healthy pet

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